To join or renew

There are few ways to join or renew. You can use the JotForm and submit the form or you can download the 2023 membership PDF form below to your computer, fill it out and email it to If using the email option please either use Paypal below or mail a check to the address below. You can also print the PDF form, fill it out and send it via snailmail with a check to the address below. If paying with Paypal, please select either single or family and click either the PayPal button or credit card button below. Please use the same contact email noted on the membership application form. We must have the membership information form sent in, regardless of payment method. Single membership is $26.50 and $36.75 for a family membership. Please note, submitting just the JotForm does not constitute payment and your membership will not be active till TERA receives payment, be it PayPal, check, cash for either forms of entry. You rmembership number will be listed on the list below. Please give a few days for the list to update. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on trail!