"In memory of Dr. Gail Conway, DVM 06/09/1953 - 02/24/2023"

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50 mile October 19th - 100 mile October 21st, 2023

Endurance Riding

"A physical and psychological need to gather in a remote location with other addicts in order to ride an equine partner long distance over various terrain in a limited amount of time in order to obtain a t-shirt".


It's all about a can-do attitude, never giving up, having fun with your horse and like-minded friends, riding in beautiful places, and becoming an exceptional equestrian.

The Texas Endurance Riders Association was started in the early 80's as the ETRA, East Texas Endurance Riders Association, to help organize the many rides that were popping in our great state of Texas. As rides increased across the state, the name was changed to Texas Endurance Riders Association or TERA. The organization has grown considerably with the help of some great people that mange it, past and present. The membership is important because with out them, we do not grow and we have a very diverse membership, some of which are very competitive, train hard, and buy or train top-notch horses., some don't care if they ever top-ten, as they are in it for the long-haul. The membership is made up of realistic and skillful equestrians, of which, some have been competing in endurance for over 40 years, some which are under age 10, and some over 70. If you stay strong and fit and can keep your horse sound and healthy, both horse and rider can participate for many years. If you are a young parent looking for a family activity, this may be for you. If you are a novice or are coming from another equestrian sport, we have many experienced riders that can mentor and help you so you can set appropriate goals for you and your horse. You can be as competitive or as serious as you want, as there are many different goals to compete for. No one will judge you for not riding long distances or at a high speed. In fact, many people will applaud your systematic approach to personal success and taking care of your horse, which this sport was founded on. We believe in having fun and the horses always come first!

Welcome to the addiction!!!


See incredibly beautiful places


Horses, food, friends and good times. What more could you want


Are you up for a challenge and an adventure with your horse and friends


First or last, it doesn't matter. "TO FINISH IS TO WIN"

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